Harassment from mil & dil

Harassment from MIL & DIL. I have been married in 2007. it's a love maariage. my MIL & SIL has given me a threat on marriage day in absence of my husband that by any mean they will saparet us will again do the second marriage of my husband. that time I didn't told about this to my husband. after 1 year quarrels started in home on small small things. the frequency of quarrels was every two months. I realise this slowly that it is very well planned as I heard some conversation of MIL with SIL. everytime they will planned something about which I will not be aware and then they will create a scene so that my husband will blame me for whatever is happened. one more thing my husband is very attached to MIL. whatever she say even wrong right he will agree. I think He loves me a lot and out daughter ( 6 year old). but if MIL say that leave them he will leave us and will be ready to cry for lifetime. so i am not getting the way to come out of that. please suggest. I also suggest my husband to take rented house at native for them saperatly. but failed. Also MIL & SIL are interfering a lot in our financial decision. what ever my husband has saved for our dreams they forced him to invest in house at village very near just 1 KM away from SIL house. we have lost money as well as our mental & physical health. but all this my husband understand still not reacting in right way. please suggest what to do. we both are well educated and earing good salary. but of no use. please advise. my SIL had beat me alot when my husband was not at home but he is not believing me. he saw my condition when he came back but still. please suggest.