Received my Full and final settlement after 3 years with Legal No

Hi , I am an ex- employee of Wipro , I resigned this company and served my notice period but i never received any Email or update from my HR /Finance Team on my final Settlement , After my Last working Day , joined new company , the reason for my ex-company not providing me the F&F Settlement letter since i was using their Laptop which was handed over to other employee who was my replacement , but the Laptop was still tagged under my name , many times i foolowed up with their Support Team asking to give me the Laptop Clearance as the Laptop has been handed over to the person who was my replacement but never got clearance from them which ultimately resulted in my F&F Settlement delayed for almost 4 Years , now after 4 Years my ex-company is asking me to pay for Negative Salary which they processed into my Account ,+ Laptop cost + other cost involved and they have sent out a LEgal Notice on my name to recover the amount .Now my Question is i kept following for my No Dues Clearance with Wipro from past 2 YEars through Email but they always ended the conversation saying that you have Laptop Clearance pending on your Name and just because of a Laptop they stopped my clearance for more than 2 years now , now after 3 YEars they have sent me Full and Final Settlement letters asking me to pay 234000 Dues to the Company and that to be paid ASAP , i really cannot undertsand how can a company is in so hurry to recover their amount by giving my clearance after 3 years. Please help me since i received a Legal Notice from them.