Lease/Development of Agricultural land under litigation.

I am owning an acre of agricultural land near my village in Karnataka since 2007. The title of the land is in my name.However i am not utilising the land presently, as i am working away from my village.One of the cousin brothers of the person who sold me the land has filed a civil suit asking for ownership of 50% of the land , based on the claim that the subject property is an inherited property, and it was not properly distributed by his grand father among his sons.He has been preventing me from using the land.He had also brought a stay on the property, which was contested and defeated in the court of law.The stay was vacated.I understand that as per law, i cannot sell the land to anybody till the court gives its final decision on the ownership of the land. however i want to know is it legal to lease out the land or enter into a development agreement (without transfer of the title to the property) with a third party pending the court's judjement.If it is legal, what is the course of action.