Name change procedure for married woman

Hello sir, I need a small legal advice on behalf of my wife. As per hindu traditions my Wife changed her surname post marriage. And we got following things done after marriage : 1) Got marriage certificate with new surname of wife 2) PAN card surname change 3) Aadhar card with new surname & address 4) Voter ID with new surname & address Now the case is she have applied to a leading PSU (IOCL) in India for service who have asked them to give legal proof of surname change , so my question is As per UPSC in case of marriage name changed they need : Photocopy of Husband’s passport showing names of spouses or an attested copy of marriage certificate issued by the Registrar of Marriage or an Affidavit from husband and wife along with a joint photograph duly sworn before the Oath Commissioner. But somewhere I read that also a paper publishing in 2 daily newspapers and central gazzete notication is also required in Govt. organisation? Is it really required or for time being an affidavit will be enough and later on after joining the organisation the gazzete part can be done? Please advice. Sincerely, Vaibhav Dwivedi +[deleted]