divorce and maintenance

Dear sir/Madam My name is Riyesudeen i am central government employ in andhra pradesh My native in (Trichy- tamilnadu ) cross salary is 34000.00 my net salary 27000.00 i have personal loan so i get salary only 18000.00 i my hand I have no properties in my name (house. Farmer land) I had married at [deleted] after 4 months ([deleted])she left my home now she is stay with her parents sir/Madam, It's been a year since we are married and we have a baby girl just born. As it looks like laws friendly Currently my wife is with her parents( salem-tamilnadu) had done post graduation, Bsc chemistry but she is not currently working but if she works can earn 5000.00/month. I discussed with my wife with love to get her away from this divorce maintenance thoughts, but it didn't work. If she files divorce or maintenance, I am not ready to pay even single paisa of maintenance, why should I if I am correct, sincere and committed towards relationship? In case my wife aplay the maintance case how much I pay maintenance Is there any indian law to help my problem thank you