Divorce and Maintenance

I want a divorce and re-marry but wife is rejecting now for divorce who never loved and stayed with me since a decade after marriage and never looked after my parents and ruined mine as well my parents life. Secondly, she is getting her monthly maintenance and now again she filed the case that I am not paying the maintenance money. She is making many false accusations in court at each hearing and the hearings for divorce are just being postponed to a next date. 1) Kindly advise how to handle such stubborn female who just play with the law and go unnoticed so easily and enjoying her life while i am only made to pay for her brutal behavior where there is no meaning for such a marriage ? 2) How do i manage to get the divorce from her ? I am totally not interested to get her back in my life. 3) Kindly advise how to do the second marriage legally.when the wife is doing such playful acts to give divorce. Her intentions are only to take my maintenance money and property. Otherwise for a decade she have never been in touch with me or my family. Kindly give me a suitable advise. Thanking you.