Delay in my Divorce case

In the court my divorce case is getting delayed for below reasons. - My wife is not attending the court properly - Some times juge will go on leaves, if both are present in the court - Getting dates on very long period. Its's been 2 years over no single argument/hearing done in the caourt. I would like to file this in Hight court and want me to push my case to fast track. Since I am working and not able to take care of myself properly and also I have look towards my parents , they are aged and have some medical problems. My wife is not properly supporting me and she is not ready look after my parents, behaves very rude in front of all and even to me as well and not ready serve food also. And we have 3 year old daughter, my wife is not allowing my parents to meet my daughter and always she keeps telling my parents that thye do not have rights on my daughter should not come to see her. We have a lot of cultural gap between us. Kindly let me know, how i can speed up my divorce process. Note: She is not agreeing for mutual consent, and finaly she wants to torture me by dragging this in court.