Married on 30.01.2005. Living separately since 20.08.2005. I filed a divorce in March 2008 on the grounds of Mental Cruelty and Dissertion but somehow ground of dissertion was not taken up properly by the lawyer and we could not prove mental cruelty so my case got dismissed in 2011. After that she filled a complaint in Women Cell to educate her in-laws so that she could live with me in my parents house but I insisted that I would take a rental accommodation on which she did not agree. As a result the (women cell) police facts and findings report recorded the statements: 1. Both are living separately for the last 7 years. 2. Husband is willing to live with her by taking rental accommodation. 3. Wife is not willing to live in rental accommodation. She only wants to live in her husbands parents house. 4. No dowry or harassment has been done so far. 5. It appears to be a property matter. Even after this report given by police we are living separately for the last 3 years. So in total for the last 10 years we are living separately. Can I get a divorce even if she is not mutually agrees to it?