About fraud and domestic violence

I m basically from Jaipur and married to a person of Sri Ganganagar. 1 year and 1 month is completed of my marriage. In this period whatever happens between me and husband, he always filled ears of my in-laws that 1- she fights me, 2 - mom dad she hates you, 3 - she wants that I must die. Actually sir/ ma'am almost 1.5 years ago I got engaged to this person and his parents told us that he is running 4-5 businesses and earns a lot. Before marriage and after marriage same problem of time arises. Actually he didn't give me which makes me frustrated. After marriage same problem arise and after 1.5 month later I got pregnant coz my husband wanted a baby fast n I don't wanted for 1 year, :- my husband is a type 1 diabetes patient, and he not OK in marriage life and mostly he tries to not come close to me so I want to take him to doctor for consultation. But he refused to say this I don't have time. N that time we both fight and I came to jpr in 12 july, then he called me says that I want divorce but coz am pregnant my family request them not to do such n when I asked my husband what do I do with this baby, he said whatever u want, if we again live together n again fight arises I will leave u whether this baby come in this world or not, so all situations settled n I back to my sasural in 1st week of September. And on 1 December when am 6th month pregnant he hits me a lot just coz I got frustrated from the environment of my sasural coz they are literally Orthodox nature. And when I Shared it to my husband he got angry n hits me saying that y I listen any thing about my family n abused me lot n push me so many times n push me on bed from my abdomen, and his mother and father see n standing but can't stop him and my mother in law filled his ears to hit me more, to call police n threaten me, so I tell this situation to some members of sasural side and they scolded my husband for his behavior. I am from open minded family and don't want to take action coz:- 1- I was pregnant, 2- I said yes to this coz I liked him a lot and a lot n more, but after a month they told us that he is a diabetes patient, after knowing this that my husband is a diabetes patient i can't refuse this rishta coz I liked him. So I forgive him n for mind relaxation I came to jpr on 5 decfor 1.5 months n he came to take me on 20 jan. All going good till my 8th month pregnancy buy from 9 month nobody allow me to go anywhere coz that time is so peak n very delicate also. On 18 March I born a baby n for 40 days I was in my sasural, actually after delivery a 1.5 months is a japa time , but I requested my husband give some time to me n my husband come to room to sit n play games on phone but no talks, that that situation become the same n we fight n on my 40th day of my delivery he hit me solidly n I bleed so much n my mother in law snatch my baby n abuse me n I slapped him. I requested to my sasural family members that mera baby dedo to mai abhi jpr chali jaungi. Night time it was. n they gave my baby n at 1 a.m my brother in law n his wife take me to jpr. N sir/ ma'am from the last 55 days I m in jpr n my father in law n my husband blocked our no. N the person who brings this rishta told us that he went to sri Ganganagar to talk him what they want n the we come to know very shocking news:- 1....that my husband takes around 1 crore loan from market n his father write a bedakhli in newspaper n my husband left home n abused his father. Today my father talk to my father in law that what this happen.... father in law told my father that he abused me a lot, not a single money he earn from any business n the person who gives him 10 lac n when my husband not able to return it he take my husband's terreno his under, when my father told that to talk to him. Father in-law law told that maine use ghar se nikal dia n ap jano aur vo jane. Mere husband ne kuch h Di pehle divorce k dhamki Di thi, par mai use jhoot pe shadi kar k meri aur mere baby k responsibilities se bhagne ni dongi. Aur aj mer e husband ne ye bulwaya h k mai use divorce nai doonga usne Barbad Kia h mujhe, nai use apni shart pe rakh kar Badla loonga. Mai divorce nai chahti par ye chahti hu k unhe ye law n order itna to threaten kare k ye Badla Lena, domestic violence, fraud aur responsibilities se Na run kare. Mujhe kya karna chahiyen except divorce.......??