harrasment by in laws

I got married in feb14, 2009. Before marriage his parents said the house and the property (10 cents ) was in the name of my husband and he had incurred 10 lacs for its construction. So my father gave me 20 lacs and 480 gms of gold. But the truth was totally different. The land property was transferred to my husband's name so that he can take a home loan of 12 lac and start construction. Also they had taken debts from all possible sides. They said they used my dowry to repay all these local debts ( home loan not included ). That's why not much amount is left behind in my account. From the day one of my marriage, I found that these people ( including husband ) are secretly discussing something. Later it turned out to be an open discussion. The thing was that there are still more debts and what should be done! !Along with that my mother in law started telling me after all what have you brought, only 20 lacs, no? .Also without my prior knowledge or permission they had pledged some of my ornaments. I complained about this to my husband, within the four walls of our bedroom. But my husband asked his mother togive me back my ornaments. For that she harassed me over phone. After that I decided to sell my jewellery and I made it clear to my husband that we are going to stay at his work place and I will resign my job and will find a new one there. He agreed. For this his mother harrassed me verbally to the maximum before my husband and father in law. Both said nothing. Any way afterwards we started living separately on rent. I got pregnant soon and couldn't continue the job. All these times my parents helped us emotionally and financially ( through bank ). Now we are financially ok ( my husband is still paying, Emi 20000 ( in the meantime he had to take additional home loan of 4 lacs in order toclose another home loan taken earlier by my father in law for the same house ) ). During all these years both of us were continuously harassed by them. They had given 12 cents( this property includes a well we are using and for which my dowry money 1.5 lacs was spent ) to the younger brother who is working in gulf and his wife is also working there. His brother has started working just 2 years ago and have been married 1 year back. Now, they are going to file a case against my husband on the basis of Protection Act for Parents. During the initial periods we haven't got much in our hands. Now my husband is dy.manager and from this year onwards things are better for us. But my husband is adament that he won't give a single paise to them and it is his younger brother's responsibility to take care of their financial needs. They are still living in our house (not with us, we are staying at trichy nw on rent). They want just money from us and nothing else. They had made it clear to us in words itself that they are least bothered about how we live; gave them money for their needs. If you ( my husband ) have no money , go and borrow it and give it to them. The younger brother is sending money to them, they bought verna car last year on car loan.the car in oened by my mother in law but the loan is being repayed by brother. Also my mother in law has a property -arount 25 cents, I thinks; which will value around 50 lacs.. But my father in law has no properties in his name. He is a retired gulf. its their attitude and mentality towards us is the problem. And both of us have lost hope in them. In the initial days she had even tried to split us by telling me mean stories (love stories) about my husband. What can I do now? How can we counter against this Protection Act? It is also used by them as a weapon to hit us. Tired of this.. Both of us. .the mental torturing all these years,..I hadeven consulted a psychiatrist twice these as I can't handle this pressure. Still the situation is not much better. My husband is also taking BP pills.