hello, a husband is engaged in various business since 3 years but getting/ gaining/ earning nothing and because of this his wife and child is suffering. on objection from wife husband use to say just give me more time. ultimately wife organised a meeting between family members, husband's father, mother and she herself. even his father wants him to leave business and do something/job from which he could earn bread for his wife and child. wife gave him time of 4 months to establish himself and after that time period she will be free to take any step for the sake of her future and her child. husband is mute about leaving business but he is saying/ promising that i will give certain money and some household things to my wife every month and will try to establish. i just want to know that can wife make an agreement/ terms & conditions/ any paper work and take her husband's signature to protect herself from any worst condition that may be happened in future? as i know that india has no law on prenuptial or postnuptial agreement in this situation what step wife should take? please need your guidance. thankyou