House as Stree dhan

My maternal Grand Father, written a WILL after one year of my marriage, in my and my husband’s name, a portion of his built house which will take effect after his death. My grandfather died in Nov 2011 and grandmother in 2000. My mother deserted my father when I was two and half year old, and living with her paramour in the paramour’s adjacent house in the same town. My father too married to another lady (all illegal) .My grandfather took care of me and my ounger brother. After my grandfather’s death, I requested her to cooperate to get the property registered on my name in the sub registrar office. After several requests she revealed that the property has been transferred in her name and I have no right. After her death the property goes to her grandson (her son's son). My several attempts to make her understand that the WILL written to me after marriage is a stree dhan. You are being my mother how can you cheat me like this? Her reply is do whatever you can, Your Will is cancelled and now I am the owner of property. My mother, her paramour, daughter- in -law, and her grandson, planned a conspiracy to eliminate me & my husband from possessing the property, while my grandfather was residing in my mother's house while he was old and depended. I request legal Experts and advisors to give me suggestions, to get back my house property (small portion). Thank You, C.Siddeswari.