Wife not giving divorce, nor coming to home and demand for money

I got married in 1999, we had a issue in year 2000, in the year 2004, wife has left my home and went to her parents home on small disputes, after so many request she come back after 3 month, but again she left my home in year 2004 and her father file a case of 498A against us, actually he get retired in year 2003 and for saving his income tax, he given rs. 1,00,000/- to my wife as a gift on a stamp paper. but FIL has filed a case of 498A against us by saying that we have demanded for dovery from them. but after so many request my wife come back to my home after 7 months. now again she left my home 3rd time, when i talked to her father, he saying that she is not happy with you, you are not taking care for her, so now i will never send her to you and never give any divorce, and also you have to give protection money to her. my wife is well educated, she was doing job when living at my home, my younger daughter is also with her, when my wife living with us, she used to say abrupt words to my parents and to my kids, she always misbehave with them. my FIL is saying that if you sended any kind of lawyer notice to us, then we will file a false eligation against you that you all will be in Jail for life long. my FIL and MIL is harrasing us, my elder daughter is with me. now what should we do, we want divorce from her, how much money we have to give her, if she dont give divorce then do we need to pay any money to her or not, when can i file divorce case against her. please suggest.