Regarding divorce

This is regarding my son who got married on July 9,2011 and he has Australian Permanent Resident married and have 3 years old female child and all three i.e my son his wife and grand child are staying in Australia under permanent residents status.My grand child is born in Australia and she is Australian citizen. Since my daughter-in-law is unable to cope up the English language pressure over there wants to come back to India, now asking my son to book her ticket as well as our grand child: Therefore I have few queries to be addressed: After coming to India can she use section 498 A against me and my wife being father & mother of her husband (who is our son) as well as my married daughter who is happily married and stay in Mumbai. if your answer is in affirmative what precautions I should take before hand. we both are senior citizens. should we apply for anticipatory bail against that or pl. advise what should we do. should my son book her ticket to send her in India along with our grand child. Now we want divorce and what are the grounds to obtain divorce from her. I would appreciate if your reply should come at the earliest. Dr. K.L.Chawla