Power of attorney

Helo Sir, I am an expat residing in the UAE. We bought a land recently to build a home. The property is under joint ownership of my husband and myself. We have given a power of attorney to my husband's father who resides in Kerala ,authorizing to handle and deal all the housing loan related activities. This deed was authorized at the Indian embassy at UAE, and I was present in person to sign the deed. Now the bank authorities claim that they will not be able to process the loan as there is no blood relation between myself and father in law ,hence the POA that I have authorized him is invalid. The registrar at our constituency advised that the document is valid as it was done in the UAE and attestation will not require, and even if we insist though he will want me to be present if he needs to provide the approval. Sir, we are undergoing some financial crisis and travelling at this point is very expensive for us. Kindly advice if the POA is valid in this situation where I would genuinely would like to authorize my father in law to deal with the loan documents. Thanks Meenu