Tress pass related court case

Dear Sir/Madam, My father is deaf and dumb who has done sale deed with 2 person without our permission. Property was owned by Grand father and as per his WILL be gave all property to me and my elder brother. Which my father who is deaf and dumb without informing us did a sale deed for one of the commercial property at a throw away price for which we were not aware. He had also signed on some blank stamp papers with few other peoples which we came to know and have taken stay order on all of our property. After getting stay order suddenly we came to know about the sale deed as we got letters from AMC and electricity board for name transfer so we immediately contacted our advocate who was successful in taking permanent stay order on the sale deed paper as we have not signed or taken any money from them. Though names were tranferred in AMC(Municipal Corporation) and electricity. Buyer who was knowing us since many years never informed that they are buying property from our father who is deaf and dumb. But after getting stay order on their sale deed. They filed case of tresspass i guess IPC 441 and 114 (Not sure for 114) for which preceedings are ongoing since last 5 years but as usual dates are ongoing. Main problem is my passport is nearby to expire in less than year. Can I get my passport renewal. Please help me out for this. Now i have to visit outside India for business meetings and also have recently visited 2 countries. But as renewal is near I am worried as it can affect my career. So please advice about how can I get my passport renewed. For your information we have not signed on any of the document in the deed or not have taken any money from them in form of cash or cheque. Even possession of property was with us when case was filed. They have filed case only on base of blood relation.