Husband of my ex girlfriend filing for divorce

I was in relationship with my girlfriend between Dec 2012 to May 2014, I was living in Delhi in my rented apartment with my roommate, my girlfriend usually visit me at my apartment and we had physical relationship, one time accidentally she got pregnant and we visited to hospital and she aborted that child. In tht time during these case we chatted hours on g mail regarding this pregnancy and all to get over the confusion related to pregnancy. Now main thing is around may 2014 we broke up due some strong reasons and could not continue our relations.we ended almost all communication between us and didn't meet up for months but talked on phn with each other rarely. her family fix her marriage and she got married in Jan 2015. I also got married in APr 2015, and i am very happy with my marriage. one day i got her msg after 2-3 months gap on whats app that that her husband also had relationship in past and he married her in family pressure so he will divorce her somehow and one day he got that g mail chat between us during pregnancy and he is very angry and inquired about me. her husband saved screen shots of that chat, few days latter i also got a abusive msg frm her husband , but i didn't replied. latter in nov 2015 i got to knw frm her message that she is not staying with her husband as her husband thinks tht i am still in relationship with her. Now I got a call frm her yesterday, i am talking to her after months ,she said that her husband is filed for divorce on this basis. Now can it be possible that a chat before marriage can be basis for divorce?and seriously i dont want it to impact my family.can i be related to this case anyhow? One thing is to clear, I never met her later may 2014 breakup but talked her on whats app or 1-5 min call occasionally in 1 or 2 months.