Solution for personal and financial freedom

Hi , am married since 1 and a half months and I have a kid of 5 months old.. Delivered my girl baby in the United States in the month of Jan 2016.. Once i got delivered my baby my husband was forcefully sent me to India with my parents complaining that I was not taking care of him during my pregnancy ex: cooking cleaning household work,,, he is asking me to get trained and come back to u.s after 1 year of time.. Once I came to India he called my in laws to u.s and now my in laws r in u.s with him.., he did not gave me a single penny when I left u.s.. Though am not permitted with work visa i have to be dependent on him for my expenses.. I asked him when I reached India for some money for my kid,s expenses but then also he is not replying me anything.. He is not sharing the house landline no. To me... Am calling to both my in laws as well as husband but nobody is speaking.. My in laws r scolding me that only they have the right to stay with his son.. And they r also saying that they have the right to tell my parents not to come and stay at my house.. They r telling me not to attend any weddings of my relatives.. They r warning me to shut my mouth.. My husband never shares anything with me.. He never shares his bank details with me even I ask him for.. He never communicates anything to me.. Whatever I tell him he goes to his parents and tell them.. Then my in laws Start to abuse me badly.. My in laws tell me to fall under my husband,s feet.. I don't need divorce but is there any solution for my personal and financial freedom ?