Paid Country Club India for plot but unable to get it registered

Hello, I applied for membership to Country Club (I) Ltd. in Feb '07 by paying Rs. 1.75 lakhs on the basis of several promises made by them, most prominent being - 1089 sqft NA plot in Lonavla and opening of club facilities near my residence. The club collected Rs. 20,000/- from me the same year towards registration of the above plot. I was also allotted a 2000 sqft plot at Kolad (Alibaug) under 'Member Get member' scheme offered by the club. In Feb '09 I paid Rs 1.80 lakhs (inclusive of regn charges) to the club on an offer for upgradation of my Kolad plot to 20000 sqft (NA plot) I followed up several times to get my plots registered. However, once the club received the funds, they stopped responding. Finally in Jan '11, I was informed by the Andheri (W) Branch Manager that the Lonavla project cannot be completed & I can opt for 2 plots at Hindupur-Bangalore in lieu of 1 plot at Lonavla; the value of the 2 plots was said to be roughly equal to the Lonavla plot I was giving up. Faced with no option, I accepted this offer and after numerous follow-ups, the plots wer registered in Oct '13. The Gift Deed however shows the plot to be located in A.P and not Bangalore as earlier specified; also the deed shows the property value as only Rs 19,000/- (38,000 for 2 plots). They collected a total of Rs 30,000/- as registration charges for these plots and Rs 12,000/- as Kahata charges, in addition to the 1.75 lakhs paid towards membership and plot purchase price. I feel cheated since the Lonavla plot would be worth much more. In 2012, I realised the payment of Rs 90,000/- (out of 1.80 lakhs) I had paid in 2009 was misplaced by the club. They finally corrected their mistake and accounted for this in April '16! Now, I am unable to register my 20000 sqft NA plot at Kolad. The club is making the same excuse of project not working out & are instead offering me a 3000 sqft plot somewhere in Rajapur and also asking for additional 4-5lakhs for this! I have tried the best I could to follow-up with them, spoke with every contact possible, but to no avail; Country Club has & continues to cheat every member in a similar manner. I have registered my complaints online, but I am certain it would not help. I am trying to approach the Consumer Courts to find some solace & solution on this issue. As proofs, I have letters of plot allotments and payment receipts and follow-up emails with the club. I hope this would suffice. Sorry for the extremely long message. Thanks, Patrick Dsilva Email - [deleted]