love affair and fraud

I was in love with a girl, she also loved me and used to visit my house frequently. My family members were ready to accept her but she knew that her family will never accept this but still she continued to keep this relation and contented my family members saying that she will convince her family. She told my parents to request her father by joining hands as soon as he comes to know about this and told me to wait for her phone call because her phone might get snatched by her family members. My parents did the same as adviced by her and i waited for six months for her call but she didnt call me and in turn her father launched a general diary against us for harassing them. I feel to be cheated and want to take action against her. In terms of evidence i have application of our court marriage which the girl herself applied for while i was in mumbai. but unfortunately her parents cancelled the application. And the most important thing that i never visited her house but she used to come to my house and i have our photographs, her love letters and our neighbors as proof. pls help.