Query regarding legal heirship(please help me)

I approached a bank for taking education loan for higher studies and the bank is almost agreed to grant me the loan by providing our home and land as security. During the legal verification by an advocate assigned by the bank, he pointing a new legal complication. Please help me out, otherwise i wont get any loan to fulfill my higher studies. We have 15 cents of land and house that was registered in the name of my father and mother and i have a brother(total 4 members). My mother died 10 years before and my father re-married after 2 year from mothers death. We have obtained a legal heir ship certificate in that my first mother's parents name is mentioned and both of them are passed away. Now the issue is, as per the lawyer we need to obtain some no objection certificate from the 3 brothers of my mother and we have no contact with them and all are living in different places. We belong to a christian family. 1.) Is it a valid scenario? Can i get loan without obtaining this certificate 2.) Any alternate solution for this?