Property Law

Dear Experts, I would like to share my query regarding property distribution between my father and my paternal uncle i.e. my father's brother. Case in Brief: My grand father have three sons and 5 daughters. My second uncle died with an accident, he is a unmarried person. My grand father wrote a will distributing the property on behalf of his two sons only. 10 years back my father and my uncle separated their property by oral and wrote a non-legal document without registration. At the time of the separation of the property my uncle cheated and forcefully take the high value property and sold the property for heavy rate. On behalf of my uncle's property my father got very less value property. But the time of separation myself and my brother are majors, without concern of us they sold their properties. My father sold that property for my sister's marriage. My uncle got 27,00,000/- and my father got 4,25,000/- on their properties. With that properties my uncle developed his property but he is not having any children. Now my uncle died with heart stroke recently, but my aunt doesn't want to be with us and she wants to convert the entire property with her name and she want's to spent the entire property to her sister's daughters and her sister's son-in-law. We completely cheated while separating the Inheritance property of my grand father's. So can we claim the part of my uncle's earned property with what he took forcefully from my father? Please advice and give your valuable suggestions. Thank you for all.