Dispute with neighbour

I am a US citizen but born and brought up in India. We rented our indian property to a family in Chennai and pretty soon they started becoming very dominant and ordering us around especially my elderly mom (67 yrs) who lives upstairs in the same house. My mom had asked them to vacate the house and they were in the process of vacating and we saw that they damaged our car and also parked our car in the road to facilitate the move without asking for our permission. They literally threatened our driver when we were not around and my 14 yr old neice to give the car keys and moved the car to the road. When we came back, we were surprised to see the car parked out from our parking lot and I was murmuring some bad language but not directly at them. They started screaming and yelling and started using extremely abusive and objectionable language and my neigbour who has always had issues with everyone else in the street started joining them and was screaming in the middle of the road. We did not encourage any more fight and let them loose steam on their own. Now the horrible tenant now is renting my neighbours house and will be right in front of us. I am a little worried that these two will be scheming something against us and I am also worried if it will cause any problem for me when I visit India. In other words, will they be able to file any fabricated complaint against me and if thats the case, how do I protect myself from false complaints like these?