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Statement : My father is selling agriculture land to second party with registry based on court order because he had sold out his land earlier in 1990 to first party and both of the parties were legal fighting since 1990 to till date and case was in court from both of the parties. Any how two parties involved for buying land while my father was selling his land in 1990 because of agriculture land rate fluctuated. Now court order decided that owner(my father) will sell agriculture land to second party after 24 years and court cancelled earlier registry to first party.) Question 1 : can wife(my mother) or son(me) appeal to save their land after sold by father to third party? Question 2 : my grand father had singed on blank paper before dieing(death) in 1978 and now I have that original signed paper. So my question is here that can I make Bequest(vasiyat) now based on original signed paper from my grandfather with the name of grandson(me) or DAUGHTER IN LAW(my mother)? please suggest me on above question. Thanks