divorce issue of my brother

here is the issue of my brothers marriage.He is married since 1.2yrs. he is suffering by his wife's mental torture a lot...she has been constantly threatening him that she will comitte suiside and write his name in letter before dying..this is going on from 3 months after marriage.she has aborted without my brothers knowledge. she is constantly abusing my brother and my family members for even a small issue.Before marriage she had filed a complaint on another guy for some reason which we are not aware of,but we have the FIR and judgement details of that case, which was dismissed because of lack of sufficient proof against him.Before marriage the girls party claimed that she has completed B.tech,which she has not completed and she don't have a valid certificate of the degree..my brother wants divorce from her.kindly help us ...how to approach and whom to.what will be the minimum duration of married life to claim a divorcee application.????.under which section ??? will the case details whichshe filed on other guy will help us in any manner???