Mental Torture

Hi , My only question is why in this modern world aj bi girls ko sirf bhoj hi treat kiya jata hai.....I am 24 years old and its being 7 years , my father is torturing me to get married .His perception is that girls are meant for house keeping only and he treated my mother as same from last 30 years My father denied me to do further studies after +2 but m continuing it as pvt candidate and doing job too...... I am not getting the right match what my father searched , even i got engaged earlier 2 years back without asking me , but that is broken because of dowry ,he is searching guys without asking them about their job profile or any details . his main purpose is to throw me out of his house.... But i dont want to get marry now , i tired a lot to convince him , asked him to give me just 2 years to find a right choice for me or enhance my studies or my career but now his doing bulshit things like complaining against of me in my office , abusing me even beated me many times. I dnt want to file any case against of him , because i really love my family , if i do so , my family will be ruined as i m the youngest one in my kindly i really need a suggestion.