Love marriage

I was in love with a girl for 2 years and we decided to tell our parents. so we approached both the parents, My parents accepted and her parents did not. Later her father started calling me and threatening me using bad words and talking nonsense about my parents, He told me to leave her daughter if not he will kill me or he will kill my parents. When he told me to leave her i told him to talk to his daughter. Later they came to chennai and took her to home town and convinced her. They hit her badly so she was so anger on me for not coming and stopping them and then she stopped talking to me and she started listening to her parents. They started searching a guy for her even she was co operating with them initially but later she couldnt forget me so she called me again. She said she cannot marry anyone and she want to live with me. So i took a decision to marry her and finally we both got married in temple and registered our marriage. Its been 10 days we got married but now we are planning to tell her parents about our marriage. But after listening all my friends words we are little more conscious now, we are blank now on what to do next, what if they kidnapped her and take her home, if they take her home sure they will do anything. then they can do anything to get her away from me. What should i do now? Is there any other options? Please help me with some suggestions.