Starting a e-commerce business

Hello Guys, I'm staying in a municipality area. I have got a license from local municipality to run my XYZ (brand name/company name) business as Proprietorship. The license is based on separate adjusted building in my home compound. The building is used just for storage purpose and the products are sold through online website. I'm applying for VAT &CST (targeting all over India). Also getting IEC license as part of the product requires material from outside. I'm simultaneously I'm applying for trademark registration.However, I'm confused at this stage of trade mark registration, as no were my XYZ is registered to have a pan India exposure. I understand there is a company registration if you go for company act etc. But as a Proprietorship how to resolve this. Is there any agent where I can register, so that in future there is no conflict of name or brand? Do I need to take service tax registration if my sales output is above 10Lak? or any stage of the business. we sell only manufactured products. Thank you