Mental tortue by grand parents and chachi family

Hi I got married 13 years before . we are living with in joint family . where my family , my mother & father in law , chacha chachi & family and grand parents are living together in one house. As my grand father is retired SHO and chacha Ji is a handicap person. grand parents and chacha family both families are doing mentally harassment to me every time they are Putting taunt on me n on my husband coz they want us to leave the home . It's been 10 years they are with same routine coz they want to give more support to chacha childeren . Like my grand mother and chachi both are doing every bad thing they can do like tona totka , do messy things always so that we can get irritate . Even we are not demanding anything from them still they are harassing my son ( like do not play here n there at home) we are four sisters I don't have any brother and my father is passed way so they are taking it as a granted . Now me and my husband n son becoming fed up from this same routine. So we need advice that what solid action we can take against them coz we cannot take it any more it's simply mentally tortue for me and my family on every single second of a day which will be effect my children growth.