Issue notice to vacate from our house

Dear Sir, My father had expired 2 months ago.He owns a two storey building premises where we are staying in the first floor and the ground floor is rented by 2 tenants saparately. Now,we do not wish to continue with the tenancy for one portion of our house and We wish to vacate that portion as my uncle & aunty wish to stay with us to give a moral support after my father's death. The 2 tenants, one staying for 10yrs and another for last 2 years stays eastern and western part of the ground floor.My father have not done any non-Judicial stamp papers tenancy agreement with any of these two tenants. Now, my case is I wish to sign off a legal stamp paper standard rent agreement with both the tenants parties for a tenure of 11 months each. The tenant staying on our house for 10 years is ready to sign off and have a legal stamp paper non-judicial rent agreement with us without any issues for 11 months. But, Where as the tenant staying for just 2 years is not ready to sign off such agreement with us. He is saying that my father have given him rent for 5 yrs agreement till May 2017.There is no proper legal documents as such with us to verify this. I found a white blank paper with basic 5 points mentioned with him and my father signed off on a revenue stamp where 5 years is mentioned but that too in his(tenant) hand written in bengali. Now,I wish to issue notice to vacate him as I no longer need to give my ground portion on rent basis. Please advise me how shall I proceed as this tenant has a lawyer friend who is helping him. In the meantime I went to my local police station and done a general diary that my tenant is not ready to sign off a tenancy agreement for 11 months. His mouth of words is that he will only sign off a 11 months agreement if that agreement says that he will stay till 2017. I do not wish to make any long term agreement greater than 11 months with this tenant. Please guide me how shall I vacate him and set my ground portion free from this tenant. Thanks, Best regards, Tarak.