Resignation from employment

My earlier salary 3.6 LPA (27,000 + 3000(variables)) which was incremented on 1st Jan 2016 to 6.36 LPA (50,000 + 3000(variables)). I have resigned from my current organisation on 31st for March 2016. As per the company policy we have to sign bond of 1 lakh rupees for one year. Also the company has three months of notice period. Terms and condition in bond Pay 1 lakh + (three months salary OR Three months notice period) I signed the bond on 1st Jan 2016. Company has freezed my salary for the month (March, April, May) which comes to Rs 1,50,000/-. So calculating from 31st March 2016, my notice period ends on 30th June 2016. Now when only 18-20 days left of my notice period, company is asking me to 1) Revert the salary back to what it was previous (ie they will deduct the amount by my earlier salary (Rs 27,000 /-)) 2) Pay 1 Lakh (due to bond) 3) Pay 3 months salary However I had already served 2 months+ notice period. Till now company has not accepted my resignation and now they are doing these things. I do have mailed them asking for the acceptance on the same, but no response from them Can you please suggest some action against this? Also wanted to ask, are Bonds legal in India from private organisations ?