irresponsible husband

Iam a 27year old women studied MCA currently unemployed having a 2year girl child facing severe problem from my husband.We got married in 2010.My father-in-law said that my husband has got job in steel plant and so my parents were happily accepted the proposal.after marriage i came to know that its every thing wrong. he never physically harssed me but he will tourcher me mentally with his attitutde. he is very possesive. lazy , irresponsible, mentally imbalanced.No one can handle him. he is asking for divorce and he wants my baby also.So I asked him only one thing did u ever worked hard for ur child or for me.Even when the day i came to i was preganat i started working till 8m of my preganancy and after delivey from 2month to not depend on anyone to brought up child.But sad thing is that he never let me to do my job also properly i fed up and resigned to my year i stayed at home he has taken loan on my gold and run the family but he didnot work. neither allow me to iam staying away from him in my parents house from 2months. Now he is telling that i have affair with someone.I really feel that he will not work any more neither he will let me and my child to live peacefully.what should i parents are asking to take divorce.but i dont have patience and money to go around court taking my child along with me all my gold he has taken gold loan.what should i do i dnt know.