Vacating tenant

I bought a flat in bangalore in 2012 and decided to let the tenant there continue. We signed a 11 month lease agreement with one month notice to vacate on either side. For the first 6 months he paid rent only after we reminded that it was 5th of the month. When asked about this he was rude and we did not like his behavior. we asked him to vacate with one month notice but he did not care. The agreement would end in july 2013 and we sought police help to guide in issue. the police called both of us and made us mutually agree to let him vacate in setember 2013 and we agreed. At the start of september he filed for injection in court against us. We went through that and after 3 months served him notice and filed eviction suit. the hearing is almont done and judgement is due next month. laST month he sent email saying he would vacate on 31st august 2014 and we said ok. He had vacated the house but not handed over the keys. ! Should we wait and take the issue to police station to make evidence that he had not given keys. whats the next step we have to take ?