Can I file a divorce in US if marriage was registered in India.

Hi I am a USA citizen living in US got married in India three years ago. My marriage is registered in India. After marriage I lived with her for about 10 days and then came back to US and filed the immigration paper for her. She took too much time to send me the papers for immigration purposes and keep making excuses. Finally after my hard efforts I received the papers from her and filed for the immigration. To cut the story short finally she got the visa interview date from the American Embassy and I told her not to waste any time now and start preparing for the interview. As the interview date was coming closer I kept asking her if she is ready and has made all the arrangement for the interview since she has to travel Bombay for interview from Odisha. She kept telling me yes everything is ready has booked the ticket for Bombay and will be staying at friend's place for the interview. Then all of a sudden just two days before the interview she sends me the text message saying I can not go for the interview because I was sick and interview is in two days and I can not make it their now unless until I fly to Bombay and stay in hotel close to Embassy and need to do the medical which will cost me lot of money and I don't have it. I have no other option than to send her the money because I wanted her to come and join me in the US so we can live together as husband wife forever. Anyway so I sent the money immediately to her bank account in India and she told me that she has received the money and going for the interview and finally she got the Visa from embassy but she never called me to tell that she has got the visa. I kept calling her for many days to find out and one day she finally answered my call and said she was sick that's why she couldn't answer my calls which was all lying. I still wanted her to come to US so I asked her to send me the copy of her Visa which she did. I asked her when she is planning to come but she never gave me the right answer and always made excuses for not coming soon. I tried my best but she always came up with the lame excuses and her visa got expired after six months. Now it is one year since she got visa and I have decided to divorce and cancelled her US petition. I recently called her and told her that I am getting divorce which she is agreed. Now my question is can I file a divorce from US and how long it takes. Also does she has any right to claim anything from me since it was her choice not to come to US for whatever reasons. Please let me know I will really appreciate it. Thanks.