Seeking help for a helpless woman.

Hello lawyers, I'm Mohan from Tumkur who is in a hope that my aunt seeks some help from your network. Please draw your kind attention on my narration. My aunt name is Premalatha H R, who is working in a garments from nearly 18 years since her marriage with Shivakumar C V who is from Hindupur (AP). Her life is literally stepped into a hell and she, our family are completely helpless. INCIDENT 1: Soon after their marriage Mr.Shivakumar without prior notice to anyone packed all the gadjects and planned a runoff from our village even after having so much of loan amount locally. The village people caught hold of him and our family had to pay the whole loan amount and we did. That was a real burden where our family was in bare hands because of bribe ( I was a 2 year kid, trust me I wouldn't have allowed that if I had a knowledge of that ). After this Mr&Mrs Shivakumar shifted to Bangalore. INCIDENT 2: They both were working in garments. May be in the year 2002/03 Mrs. Nagaveni H R ( Sister of Premalatha ) got married to Mr. Basavaraju H C and they too shifted to Bangalore for the same work. There Shivakumar tried to seduce Nagaveni and she wasn't on his side. The issue was informed to our family by Nagaveni herself. Head of our family, Rangadhamaiah and Akkamma (Parents of Premalatha) warned him with poor hands not to get into a wrong way, soon after that Shivakumar packed all the gadjects and ornaments of their family and took off. We still don't know where he was and a complaint had been lodged at that time in near by police station. There was a kind of agreement and as such I don't know what was that, still I was a kid. INCIDENT 3: There were no kids for the couple till 2006, that was again a issue for him for a second marriage. She has been man handled number of times and she was afraid to get back to us with that news. I myself saw that Shivakumar man handling on our family members, he is a drinker. In the year 2006, the couple had a girl child and as usual you might have assumed what have happened because its a GIRL CHILD! (as people say.) INCIDENT 4: Shivakumar and Premalatha came to know that he has Tuberculosis disease due to drinking. He still seeks sympathy for the same reason with Premalatha. INCIDENT 5: In the year 2008, couple had a male child. And during last four years Shivakumar got a work in a garments near Doddaballapur with a handful of salary (30k) as a supervisor and shifted there leaving Premalatha and her children. I suspect he didn't "GOT THE WORK". He purposefully shifted there. He was not giving any amount to take care of herself, children and all other rent and home expenditures. Till today she herself and our family takes care of that. INCIDENT 6: Premalatha came to know that her husband had second marriage with a woman and even they have a kid!. (You might have understood why he shifted to Doddaballapur) She didn't even tell us the matter with our family for a year worrying about family prestige. (Well, her life got sucked and she thinks of prestige!). He frightened her that if she lodge a complain on him about second marriage, he will argue that he didn't marry the second girl and 'kept her as a keep'.(Sounds odd, but thats true). And he said that he is even ready for going jail for 2/3 years for the reason and after returning taking revenge on her and on his children. Obviously a girl gets afraid if she hears this. INCIDENT 7: Recently on a festival he took Premalatha and children to his village and because the children had holidays he asked them to retain back over there. (Every holidays the children use to stay with our family except this incident). So, Premalatha got back to Bangalore for her work and soon after Shivakumar took his second wife to his village and forced children to accept her as their mother else he is going to kill Premalatha. Children got afraid and by someone called our family notifying this. Premalatha went to take back her children and she was man handled till she bleed, they snatched her Golden Mangala Sutra (her own earning), her all money and even they kicked with boots. Shivakumar's sister, his second wife and few of Shivakumar's family members ware the one who did all. Premalatha with bare hands (literally) took her children and in half a way planned for a accidental suicide with children. In that situation she called her brother Shivaraju H R and informed all. Sooner Shivaraju HR picked them up in half way and in that anger went to Shivakumar's village to ask (or to take revenge). When they went there actually both Premalatha and Shivaraju HR again got hits from 3 men, Shivakumar's sister and second wife. INCIDENT 8: I was unaware of the issues 7 and 8 until they all happened. Assuming we won't get justice in Hindupur police station (near by police station of the incident) they came to Koratagere (near to our village) and lodged a complaint on them saying there was a manhandle against them near our village. If I was aware I wouldn't have insisted them to do this. INCIDENT 9: Taking the advantage of above incident they lodged a Rape attempt case on Shivaraju HR in Hindupur Police station on ALL OUR FAMILY MEMBERS except me. I accept they are quite intelligent, because they didn't include my name because they are aware that I'll be in college and there will be attendance and CC TV footage. So case may turn around on them. Now for bail we don't have any property or somebody from that place for signing bail and we are stuck. See how things looped back to us...! We are ready to lodge a second marriage complaint but Premalatha is really worried on his words and children. We are even ready to take care of her personally but she doesn't want to depend on us. We are here to seek help that Shivakumar should be with Premalatha, and has to take care of all the house expenditure. She don't want a divorce from him. She wish to be with him. As you know... a court case runs for thousand years with no results. Kindly awaiting for your reply on what kind of further action to be taken by us. We are in hope that lawyers network helps us. Regards, Mohan NV