Business Partner not bringing money,delaying work,not giving time

Last year in june-july2015 me and one of my friend (10 years older than me) started a business. Initially I bring on the money for rent, partnership deed, rent agreement, and other related thing. most of the payments are been done in cash so i dont have any proof of it. From june2015-feb 2016 most of our time gone in the government process as we wanted to work in newspaper publishing, during this whole time we had decide to pay monthly rent of our office one by one but when his time come for payment of the office rent he usually pay at the end of the month or after a month. whenever we have to meet for our meeting or if we have to go you meet someone he has kept me waiting for usually 30-45mins (not coming on time/ even someone times do not come to meet ).in march 2016 when I finally got approval of my title ,my partner kept saying the he will bring money for the business in the next week and he delayed the next process to 2 months by just saying I will get money by next week. During jan to april 2016 he was busying in buying a plot for himself and he finally bought the plot with a cash payment of like 8 lakh rupees and he took all that money from his the end of april I somehow single handedly process the application which was pending and during this whole time her aunt expired and the later her father had some serious health issue for which he was all out there with his family and not giving me time for our next process.someone I single handedly printed 1st edition of newspaper after declaration in the 1st week of june 2016 ,he just came for like an hour or so to just to see things and nothing much.after printing the 1st edition I told him to work for the 2nd edition but he is still busy with his family and father and not doing anything. during this whole year, he didn't bring money on time, didn't give time for process and other related work, keep promising me to bring money the next week and he passed more than 6 months by saying it, not able to take any responsibility, not doing any work of our company(it is a partnership firm),he is also doing his own business for which if he has to meet someone he goes there on time or meet his client on time and that too in our own office(it has happened for a couple of time).I have invested more than double of the money that he has invested but I do not have any proof of it as most of the transactions happened in cash. i even had confronted him about his habits and not doing work for more than 5-6 times but he is still doing it,ignoring company related work and looking after his family ,father and his own work. whenever I have any work I have to call him and ask him to and but he never calls. I really want to end this thing.i want to end this partnership(Its a general partnership of 50-50 and I didn't mentioned job role and responsibility clause in our partnership deed). I want him to leave this company as he can not bring money, can not give time and work for the company. due to him my whole year was wasted and I cant not take any risk further.i want to take control of the company and work for the thing that I have started and I am not getting how I can take control of company and remove him from the company.