Divorce on mutual consent

Respected sir, I need a help from you. Kindly give me a proper advice which is a actual happening by the district court. My marriage was solemnized just one year ago, and on that day we never meet to each other. Within six months of marriage she agreed to take divorce by mutual consent, and in-liew of divorce she has taken money and all gifts given by her parents. These all has been conducted through mediation center in written on the stamp paper etc. That time they( opposite party) have signed the paper after given condition that we'll come together once again on the completion of one year of marriage and will sign the divorce to take decree. But this time when i have reported to court on the said condition, her father is not so much interested to come for sign that one. He always used abusive language and saying that u do your job , why i am coming? When court will call me then I'll come, he said. So kindly plz help me what to be taken step in this situation. Although she always declared so many time to court that i'll not live with her in future at any cost. So kindly help me sir, i am in frustration always. Thank u sir!!