Intercaste Marriage in NCR

Hello Sir/Ma'am My name is Abhay and I'm 25 years and software engineer by professtion. I am from noida. I am in love with a girl since 10 years and now when we are ready to marry we are trying to convince our families for last 1.5 years we have tried everything. I have convined my family but her parents are not even in the mood to think about it. They have threatened me to life sometimes. The main problem is our castes as I belong to Jatav(Scheduled Caste) and she is Tiwari(Brahmin). She is 23 years old. Now they have taken her to thier village in to east up secretely and forcefully and cut all the communications between us. And now they are forcing her to marry to some other guy within next 1 month. She is in trouble she doesn't have money or phn. We can not live without each other she contacted me some days before from a random number and told me the situation. Now I dont know what to do. Please help me if she came here and we try to get marry in Arya Smaj Mandir but she dont have documents and if we arrange docuemnt by any means then when she escapes from there her family can sue me and my family or they can threat me and my family. I dont want my family to be in any trouble so what should I do. Please please help me we want to marry she will leave everything for me and so do I. But what about my family and police dramas and other threats and legeal issues Please please help me asap I dont have much time