I have been asked to give Mutual Divorce by my Wife & my In-laws

Hello Sir I have been asked to give Mutual Divorce from my wife and in-laws witnin 10 Months of Marriage life, blamed with I'm incompetent & sexually disable (which is not the case in reality and it just a matter of a small surgery, which I was planning to get done by September-2014, due to Financial Crunch & I have informed the same to my wife beforehand itself) but the same has been notified to my in-laws that I'm capable and not willing to have intercourse(again stating it's completely wrong allegation) Now we both have been dragged from my work place(Ahmedabad) to my native place (kolkata) upon reaching I & my parents have been insulted in a forum where some distant relatives of my in-laws were present and post that my wife left my house with her family. Post that after 2 days, we have been informed that my wife needs a mutual divorce under the allegation of Incompetency(which is not true, cause I recently have done a medical examination by an Urologist and have been asked just to undergo a surgery which will take care of the problem). after the information of divorce from my in-laws, my Father was asked to go to their home, and upon arriving, in-laws insisted for divorce alongside with my wife. As my bother-in-law himself a reputated Kolkata High Court advocate, insisted for a Nullification of Marriage with 15Lakhs of Compensation and returning back of "Streedhan" (or) a mutual divorce with maintenance (Alimony). We (Myself & my family) are agreed for the divorce, but Rs.15Lakhs are not possible for us to give. Now I need your guidance in the same regards, Pls Note : 1. I dont have any savings, as my married life had just started. 2. My Present take home is around 35k 3. I dont own any moveable/non-moveable property & everything is in my parents name. 4. I stay in a rented house in Ahmedabad. 5. My Father is going to retire in Couple of moths and post that I will have 4 Dependents (my Parents & my 1Brother & 1Sister, who will be joining College next year (2015-April) 6. My Wife's age is 22 & she is BA degree holder and presently perusing MA is distance Education & she is not interested to work anywhere, which I knew before marriage only. 7. I didnt have any intercourse with my wife post marriage, as I told earlier cause of some problem, which I'm planning to get fixed by this September itself. Kindly understand the situation & give me your guidance.