Solution after Hindu sucession Act 2005 amendement

Hi Experts, Please clarify me the following w.r.t Hindu succession Act 2005 amendment - 1 - Does Individual Share of Property received by person Mr."A" as in equal proportion to his brothers from his father Mr."B" ("B" earned the entire properties by handwork) constitutes Ancestral property in hands of "A" ? and is this liable to get distributed among Sons and Daughters of Mr."A" as per H.S.Act, 2005? 2 - Incase the Individual Share of Properties received by Mr."A" from his father Mr."B" are distributed to his grandsons by way of Gift deed (2006)(i..e., Son's Son's) Can it be challenged by Daughters of Mr "A" on the grounds of Ancestral Property*? Whats the stand of 2006 gift deeds made by Mr "A" during his lifetime out of love and affection to his male grandsons after 2005 amendment ? (*Since - Ancestral property means Property inherited upto 4 generations of male lineage - Is this Condition Cumulative i.e., Property should have been received from 4 generations timely in Undivided way and not merely by 2 generations as in the case, its a divided share of Mr A) 3 - If in case there daughters of Mr."A" come in agreement for amicable family settlement by receiving some x share, and want to give up their shares for lifetime How shall it be done?(Relinquishment deed way - as it incurs hefty charges) or Family settlement deed on a stamp paper or just Alienation of rights on a stamp papaer of Rs100/- ) ?