Fiancee cheated that she will marry me and used all my bank balan

My fiancee cheated that she will marry me and used all my bank balance and now she left me and refuse to marry i was in love with a girl since 2007 and we convinced our parents for our marriage and in 2011 we got engaged and my fiancee said that she wanted to study for doctor and she said as her daughter dont have that kind of money to fulfill her fiancee told only then she can marry me so i accepted to make her studies. So i got her admission abroad (Philippines) because even i am from a middle class family and i can not afford to spend that kind of money. i am working for a pvt ltd company with a salary of 15000 per months the total education cost for completing the studies in (Philippines) is 32 lack's which including all the expence so i spoke with her father to help in paying 1 lakhs per year and the rest i will pay because i cant afford to pay yearly 2.5 lack as annual fees so i borrowed money for interest and made arrangements for 5.5 lacks and paid for her first year etc now she is doing 4th year i came to know she was in relationship with another boy who is studying in her college and cheated on me i have spent nearly 22 lacks for her i have all the prof for the money that i have spent for her she made use of me and cheated me. she used my debit card for every month money withdrawal , i have the fees slip that i paid for her and ever one in her college know that i am the one who making her to study. after i came to know that she is cheating me i told to her parents and her father says if she is in love with her college mate what can i do she has a boy friend equally qualified so pls you look for another girl and get married was shocked with the answer and i told him to return the money what i have spent for his daughter but he is telling he can not give me 1 rupee and he saying me do what you can do i still did not tell me parents about this because it will hurt them i dont have a own house even i have spen all my saving in making her studies i need justice that is reason i have come to you pls suggest me on what can i do to get my money back