Child visitation

Sir, I got a mutual consent divorce by paying around 20L and in the terms agreed for child custody is as follows. I am the first petitioner. Children Arpith -3years and Jeevika- 7years 1) Children will be in the custody of the second petitioner herein. 2) The first petitioner has every right to meet the children and keep them with him during school holidays and other events. 3) For the betterment of the lives of the children, at any point of time if the children wish to live with the first petitioner, the children above can be able to do as such and the second petitioner shall restrain herself from restraining the children from accomplishing the above wish to join his father, they will be able to. 4) Full settlement has been done for the second petitioner and the children namely Arpith and Jeevika. They shall not make any monetary claim or property to which the first petitioner entitled to. ----------------- 1) Now after the divorce, she does not allow me to take the children to my home. 2) She never picks my calls and is making me to long to see my children 3) Its been 8months from the divorce and she has only let me see the children twice -------------------- Is this a contempt of court ? Can I file a case against her ? Can I take help from local police to make sure she accepts the court order ? Is there any way she can file a case to extract more money from me?