Forcefully signed Divorce paper

Dear Lawyer, I am 35 year old guy working in Canada I was married to a foreigner 10 years ago , But from last 2 years our marriage is not going well, since last year we are separated but not Divorced , this year I married second time in India religiously (muslim nikah) , girl know everything about my past life and she accepted we both love each other, after our marriage we went to girls parents house they requested to keep her on the pretext to do ceremony again and said that I should come after few days , when I went there they beated me and called the police and threaten me to kill me if I dnt sign the divorce papers , they were already torturing the girl for past few days and forcefully taken our signatures on stamp paper of divorced text. I was fearful of my life and job so I flied back to Canada to start my work again , but me and my Indian wife are still attached and want to live together peacefully , The girl parents are forcing her to marry again , What should we do ? Will the court help us in this matter? What legal options we have to counter that forcefully signed paper? Can we run off and gives our statements in Court of law that we want to live together. ?