Regarding Consequences of the case

Dear All I am working as an Engineer in MNC.MNC is working in the field of transmission line.Back in 2015 I had filed FIR against one of company's old sub-contractor because he had stopped all work in our project in Kishanganj District Bihar in lieu of his pending payment which company denies .Later the management decided not to pursue the case and called the sub-contractor to solve the issue amicably.The agreement was signed for full and final settlement.After all this,one Assistant Sub-Inspector is regularly visiting our site office in Kishanganj and continuously calling me over phone to come to Kishanganj District with sub-contractor for closure of the case.I had requested management to intervene and handover this case to legal representative but I feel they are not interested to take up the issue since i am an employee and not an authorised representative. As confirmed by ASI and letter sent to office the fir has been registered under IPC section 384 extortion .In reply to letter, i have provided all the details such as agreement signed ,mode of payment,cheque related to sub-contractor and also i requested to close the case .The letter was sent through speed post and the same has bern received .He is still continuously calling me to come to Thana and is not filing for closure of FIR.Also i am deciding to quit the job for preparation of civil services.I view of the above i want to know the consequences of my action and how can I get out of this mess.I am really worried about my career how I should I proceed case of management not serious regarding closure of case