Submitting Original Property documents to Court, in land despute.

Hi, we purchased a plot. when we purchased the land owner is given general power of attorney to my brother, after that land is registered on my mother's name. which is happened in 1989. but during some violence in city happened in 1989 the all records in registered office are set ablaze. So we cant get copy of the general power of attorney (Sale deed) at registered office. Now original land owner creating issue that some portion of our belong to him. we filed a case in civil court, case is proceeding. our lawyer asking to submit Original copy of general power of attorney to court, for proof. But how can I submit my originals, if lost who is responsible. is court is responsible? I suggested my lawyer we will show the originals whenever judge asks the same, and take back that instant itself. the question here is , is it safe to submit the only document with us to court? if am submitted , tomorrow at court documents lost who are responsible for that Can you suggest what in this situation what to do.