Property matter

Dear Sir, My father did a second marriage 12 yrs back. My father build a house on first floor on the roof donated by grandfather to him. The house is in the name of my father. He asked me shift in the house and said that u can give me some money in installments against this property and later on i will transfer this house in ur name. My father is living in some other city in stepmother's house. I was in a job and i was giving money to him in installments believing that he would transfer the house my name. 3 yeas back my father visited me and suddenly asked me to vacate the house and find myself an other place to live. I was pretty annoyed and i said that u have taken money from me for this house and now u r asking me to leave. My father was under the influence of stepmother as she is very greedy. After this incident happened I filed a civil case aginast my stepmother & father. I case is going on since last 2 yrs. Can u suggest anything on this. What else can I do or what r my legal rights