Disowning biological parents

I am 25 years old, employed and unmarried .I stay with my parents,they everyday harras me,.my mother physically abuses me during arguments at home and my father psychologically does that.My father is a drunkard and drug addict, he has debts around 1-2 crores in the city, he has a very filthy group of friends with whom he hangs around.my mother brutally beats me during arguments and my father destroys my peace of mind. they are so cheap that they torture me for money and many issues like this, they even asked me to pay for the food which I eat at home, day by day the intensity of torture increases and I go into depression ,there were instances when I even thought of ending my life totally. But now I have decided to disown these kinds of filthy money minded and brutal parents, I actually need peace of mind. I am planning my further studies in abroad so in case I file a case against them it will be impacted during my visa interview. Kindly help me to disown them legally, I would just send them a court notice and move away from their lives completely