Disowning biological parents in india

I'm 25 unmarried and employed,no longer have a relationship with my parents,currently i stay with them but they harrase me each and evryday with varu=ious reasons.my mother abuses me physically she beats me black and blue in arguments that happen in our home,and my fatehr torchures me psycologically. my father is an useless person who has debts around 1-2 crores in the city from various ppl,hes a drunkard and drug addict,he doesnt see any positivity in people. my mother supports him very badly both of they together screw my happiness...they even as money for the food i eat at home...they torchure me for money and other reasons too. they dont allow me to go and meet the people i like and they dont allow me to stay in frends house,my father once removed and destroyed pictures from my room... i just need a peaceful life...in which i will have the freedom to live my life...now that its high time i Now that I have been facing this since 3 years I no more can bear it. kindly suggest how to legally proceed and disown them. I do not wish nor do I think it would ever be possible to ever re-kindle any form of a relationship with them. Is it possible?