is it mandatory to give property share to married daughter also

My father is the 6th child among 8 of his parents(2son then 2daughter then again 2son and finally 2daughters they had). His eldest brother was unmarried and died long ago. My eldest aunt was brought up from her childhood by one of my grand ma(her paternal aunt in relation) due to poor financial condition of my grandfather and death of my grandmother. She never came to our house before her marriage then. Now she is married to an established person and came twice to our house with one of her 3sons. All her sons are now married and established in their fields. The 2 times whenever she came here,with her selfish type behaviors my financially poor grandfather and my father and uncles became very upset,but never told anything. Now, my question is, is it mandatory to give her the part of the property of my grandfather???? Here I must mention that my late grandfather left a very small amount of land, a total of maximum 4 "kathas", where we are residing. (we means my father with his family, his immediate elder brother with his family,and my youngest aunt who is unmarried). (my another uncl resides in another place, and other 2 aunts are married but one of them died few times back due to brain tumour)