Property tax asked & no oc or posesion letter given.

we recently shilfted to an redeveloped underconstruction tower. we were promised oc,bmc water,possession letter etc in salesdeed. but after shifting we come to know the tower has no oc,or posesion letter,or alotment letter, or water or lift ,even walls & doors & electricity missing & builder not paid 85lakhs property tax. some tower areas are prohibited by govt due non payment of plot. now broker is asking us to pay unit property tax from 2014.hes given wrong info to bmc that we live here since 2013 with alotment letter.bmc assesstment head told me that the maintainance we pay is property tax that broker who collects this is not paying online to bmc. now broker is threatning me that he didnt give posession on purpose to all (theres oc till 4th flr) so he can put us into trouble.he has kept all originals of labourers permit too. is there a future to this tower. bmc has warned seazing tower if builder doesnt pay his tax. plus unit tax when in 2014 the building was not habitable. also since builder has left broker is charging us for every thing that comes free with flat.we spend lakhs extra. he even stole our new comode that we paid 50000/- for bathroom & put his own second hand comode. as per bmc request i told about maintainance to all owners but they only trust broker who is brainwashing them. they gone ahead a tried registering another society for their wing since other registered wing(sra) is on prohibited area. at this rate the tower will be seazed.